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            YMTC’s Xtacking? 2.0 Makes Its Debut at IC China 2019

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            • Date: 2019-09-17

            On September 2nd, 2019, right before IC China 2019 opened in Shanghai, Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC), a subsidiary owned by Tsinghua Unigroup, announced that it would apply Xtacking? 2.0 in its third-generation 3D NAND flash. Tsinghua Unigroup introduced the technical concept at its booth.

            Xtacking2.0 Unleashing the Potential of 3D NAND

            Xtacking? 2.0 will fully use the following advantages of the Xtacking? architecture to bring more value to our customers: higher throughput of NAND flash, better comprehensive performance of system memory, and a fresh new business mode of customized NAND flash.

            By cooperating closely with customers, industry partners and standards organizations, YMTC will use the Xtacking? 2.0 technology to produce its third-generation products. The high-performance and customized NAND flash solutions will be used extensively in enterprise servers, PCs, mobile devices, etc.

            In August 2018, YMTC launched its Xtacking? architecture at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS), and won the “Best of Show” award. With the innovative Xtacking? technology, periphery circuits and memory cell operations are processed on a separate wafer. Once the processing of the array wafer is complete, the two wafers are connected electrically through billions of metal VIAs (vertical interconnect accesses) that are formed simultaneously across the whole wafer in one process step. Compared with traditional 3D NAND flash architecture, Xtacking? can bring unprecedented I/O speed, higher bit density, and faster time-to-market.

            In August 2018, Xtacking? won “Best of Show” at the FMS

            Before IC China 2019 opened, YMTC also announced that it has put its 64-layer 3D NAND flash, China’s first flash memory with Xtacking? architecture, into mass production.

            長江存儲, YMTC, the YM logo, and Xtacking are trademarks of Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. and its branch offices and subsidiaries in China and other countries/regions.

            For more information about YMTC and Xtacking, please go to www.uiowern.com.